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Review Date: 02/04/1998

File Size: 1,743k

Author URL: Not Available

X-Files fans may want to add this one to their collection. As the author states, all the parts were gathered together from the net. The wallpaper file is just what you would expect in an X-Files type package. Great graphical quality in all the icons and cursors as well. Love the shadow effect on the cursors. It really brings out an extended 3D look and feel.

Have to put a question mark on this one for more than one reason. First of all, is this theme legal? Fox put a stop to most of these X-Files themes a long time ago. I guess if the link is dead when you click on this, you know why. A second reason why this one is questionable is due to the fact that it contains nothing but files swiped off the net and pieced together. On top of that, they aren't even pieced together well. The bitmap wallpaper file name doesn't match that which is in the theme code. It should also be set to load from the themes directory and changed to a JPG file for size. The author's instructions state to unzip to the themes directory but if you do the theme will not load correctly. Load it into a directory which you create in the themes directory called "X-Files" and it will load just fine. Some of the sound files are at different sound levels too.

Just too many bugs to give this one a better rating. Too bad to since the quality of most of the parts is among some of the best.

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