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Preview Size Date Description
amiga 172k2000-01-01Amiga logos appearxs, zooming in and out
aquatica3259k1999-11-27Aquatica is a virtual aquarium screensaver
bgw95 109k2000-01-01Bill Gates smashes your windows with sledgehammer
bsodver2 267k2002-03-27Blue Screen of Death - scary the first time
dialog 160k2000-05-08Dialog
dmdmss 4973k2002-10-19Webshot screensaver basedon Dockmaster website
dtouch 1072k2000-05-08Don't Touch
evil_ms 1134k2003-01-27Evil MS - My Retaliation Against MicroSoft
flywin 7k2000-01-01Flying Microsoft Windows through space
foyd 29k2000-05-08Fog On Your Desk
freescss1238k2000-05-08Free Stuff Center's FreeCal
gibson 204k2004-04-30Gibson computer systems from movie Hackers
happynew 496k2000-05-08Happy New Y2K Compliance
mtga9517 683k2000-05-08MasterGauges
rtfm 1636k2000-05-08RTFM
sdkscr3 8k2000-05-08ShutDownKing
snowforw 326k2000-05-08WinSnow
sticky 1248k2002-03-27Sticky is a new Virtual Life Form from QFlux
sysmeter 553k2004-06-03Watch system activity and resources in screensaver
toshiba 1352k2000-05-08Toshiba
wiheaven2381k2000-05-08WINDOWS INTO HEAVEN
zgdw95 110k2000-05-08Gates Does Windows 95
zoom 13k2000-05-08Screen Zoom
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