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Preview Size Date Description
95logo3 122k1998-02-02Win95 Logo Organizer
aliens2i 2k2000-12-10Aliens Icons
chamelxp1170k2004-07-19Chameleon XP - free utility personalises XP welcome screen
chang 291k1998-01-08Changes Startup/Shutdown logos
colorize 231k1997-06-21Customize theme color schemes
createt 1230k1999-10-16Create and Distribute Screensavers
Doctor's Choice
2073k2001-06-09Desktop Architect (theme management software)
Doctor's Choice
148k2001-12-16Desktop Themes v1.89 (Theme Doctor Edition)
dt-tw 143k1999-09-16Desktop Themes manager - More info - Register
fixit 39k1997-08-23Fix for Plus! (for Office97/Frontpage)
freethem1691k1998-10-24Free Desktop Theme Manager
icolib052926k2002-07-19Icon Library for Windows (21,000+ icons in registered version)
justzip 352k2004-03-28JustZIPit - freeware alternative to WinZIP
l3codec 144k1999-03-20MP3 Audio Codec (some themes need it)
l3codec2 182k2000-01-02MP3 Audio Codec - different installer (some themes need it)
l3codec3 232k2000-01-23MP3 Audio Codec - easy installer (some themes need it)
logo_sel 122k1998-03-22Logo Selector (changes startup logos)
logofixr 183k2001-09-10Windows Logo Fixer
Doctor's Choice
186k2006-09-01LogoZip - zip your logo screens for distribution
mcdeluxe1138k1998-09-07Media Changer Deluxe
mp20full1800k1998-12-20More Properties modify much of Desktop
msthemes 38k1998-05-07Microsoft theme manager
msvcp60 115k2001-10-18Microsoft Visual C library used by some themes
nviewlib 132k1999-02-17NVIEWLIB.DLL required by chocefc theme
orgmp3 1402k2006-03-16Create professional-looking MP3-CDs in 15 min
panorama 502k1998-02-20Automatic Wallpaper Changer utility
Doctor's Choice
26k2006-09-01Recycle Bin Editor - Rename text under 'Recycle Bin'
rktools 3909k1999-03-24Microsoft Resource Kit Utilities
shutdown 13k1999-02-12Rotates logow & logos.sys files
spinba45 66k1999-12-26Icons of Spheres rotating around each other

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