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Preview Size Date Description
2600 26k1997-01-23Atari 2600 (computer)
4gimachp1341k2001-10-14Ghost in the Machinery - Computer Problems
aasss 102k1999-10-16WARNING! Windows detected on this machine
aawt 803k1999-12-26AAWT - Assimilate! (Amiga)
1517k2003-06-11XP look alike theme for 98 & ME users
abxp 1064k2003-02-16XP look alike
acer 470k2002-09-10Acer Computer
aexpblue 647k2001-10-14Windows XP
afstep 2035k2002-11-11AfterStep - FVWM - look and feel of NeXTSTEP (computer)
after 724k1999-08-04Afterstep - X Windows for Unix
alps2 1470k2002-01-27Playstation 2
amd 620k2000-01-23AMD K6-2 (computer chip)
amd_ice 85k2001-06-09Text that looks like AMD
amiga 217k1998-08-28Amiga computer desktop
ancientm 293k2000-10-22Ancient Manor - raytraced computer image
aolsucks1034k1998-09-16AOL Sucks (Anti-American Online)
ap_ii_gs 108k2002-11-11Apple IIGS - 16bit GS/OS System 6.0.1 (computer)
Doctor's Choice
1214k1998-05-07Apple Macintosh OS
apple_ii 94k2002-11-11Apple II Desktop version 1.1 (computer)
appleiie 6k2002-11-11Apple II e (computer)
aqua_ult1952k2001-12-02Aqua Ultimo (Mac)
aquault22559k2002-08-03Aqua Ultimo - Mac (computer)
atheos 778k2002-11-11Athe OS - a free alternative OS (computer)
Below Average
489k2000-12-21AMD Athlon (computer)
athlon2 4013k2001-05-14AMD Athlon processor (computer)
Doctor's Choice
1074k1999-12-26Beta version of Windows 2000
beta2up2 783k1999-11-27Beta version of Windows 2000
bill 190k2001-10-14New Microsoft OS Microsoft BG
btron 3167k2002-11-11BtronV - Japanese, Chinese and Korean OS (computer)
Average Quality
678k1999-11-01Cute purple bug leaning back on a PC board

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