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Preview Size Date Description
3dcustom3099k2002-03-273D Custom Screensaver
acesaver 966k2002-03-27Make-your-own photos slideshow screens
aplus 677k2005-09-25Create your own screensaver from JPEG images
apssme 776k2004-06-11Easy to build fully customizable screen saver
avimpg2 509k2005-10-05View your own MPEG, AVI, or WMV as a screensaver
creata232392k2002-03-27Create your own Screen Saver with your images
creatscr1000k2003-02-22Create an unlimited number of screensavers
creatvid 930k2003-02-22Create your own video screensavers
ezsss 1625k2006-09-25Create Professional ScreenSavers - No Programming Skills or Royalties
ezsss3 1402k2005-05-19Easy ScreenSaver Studio V3.5 for Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
he 117k2000-05-08Humongous Cookie Cutter
photoop 967k2000-05-08PhotoOp
photosav 251k2000-05-08PhotoSaver32
photosf22899k2000-05-08Saver Pix!
scrmaker3156k2004-05-14Easily Make your own Professional Screen Saver
scrpav30 689k2001-04-22Make-Your-Own Slideshow
scrpav33 696k2002-03-27A Make-Your-Own Photo Slide Show Screen Saver
scrpav40 761k2003-02-22Make-Your-Own Photo Slide Show Screen Saver
scrpaver 764k2004-06-05Make-Your-Own Photo Slide Show Screen Saver
slidesav 132k2001-04-22Displays JPG/BMP images from specified directory
ssdiy2te2895k2004-06-14Easily make your own screensaver
ssitedan 736k2005-06-21Horloge analogique et Rotation d'images de 320x240
supers111985k2001-05-14Screensaver and a multimedia player
supers1d1602k2000-12-21Turn your favourite animations or still images
sviewer 2158k2000-05-08Simple Viewer
videomkr 930k2002-03-27Video Screensaver Maker
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