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Preview Size Date Description
120mhz1 72k2000-07-13120 MHz (logo.sys)
133mhz1 72k2000-07-13133 MHz (logo.sys)
166mhz1 70k2000-07-13166 MHz (logo.sys)
2000 44k2000-07-13Microsoft Windows 2000 (logo.sys)
200mhz1 71k2000-07-13200 Mhz (logo.sys)
666 163k2000-07-13Microsoul Windows 666 (logo.sys)
95ntscpe 43k2000-07-13Windows 95 with Netscape (logo.sys)
acer 4k2000-07-13Acer Computers (logo.sys)
amd 87k2000-07-13AMD K6 2 - 3DNow! (logo.sys)
amd123 231k2002-06-23AMD-K6 - MMX - AMD Inside (computer)
anerlyxp 61k2002-06-23Windows XP Anerly
aqua 51k2002-08-11Original OS X Aqua (1024x768)
athlon 57k2002-10-12You Have The Power AMD Athlon
athlon64 24k2005-03-28AMD Athlon64 Logo
bexperie 55k2002-06-23Windows XP - Be eXPerienced logo (computer)
billgate 22k2003-09-25Inside Bill Gate's Computer
bkgmn 166k2000-07-13Backgammon (logo.sys)
black-xp 368k2002-06-23Black XP-Logo which is directed in the middle
blisstou 68k2004-06-11Bliss and the ill-fated tourist
blue-xp 477k2002-06-23Blue XP-Logo which is directed in the middle
blue 358k2002-06-23Blue by FranX - 3D XP Logo
bluehole 645k2002-06-23Windows Xp with Blue hole
bluewall 216k2003-02-01Abstract keyboard and computer components (art)
borg 71k2000-07-13Microsoft Assimilated 95 (logo.sys)
bromob 146k2002-03-15Information Overload (computers)
bull 150k2003-09-25Windows Longhorn chrome bull
burning 76k2000-07-13Burning Windows 95 (logo.sys)
c64 24k2000-07-13Commodore 64 (logo.sys)
c642 4k2000-07-13Commodore 64 #2 (logo.sys)
cloud 243k2000-07-13Clouds Starting Win95 (logo.sys)

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