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"Chappel Fisher"

Preview     Size    Date    Description of Desktop Themes
afghan_h   8976k   2003-08-17      Afghan Hounds

birdboar   2521k   2003-08-17      Bird Board (12521Kb)

dale_e     6705k   2003-08-17      Dale Earnhardt - Pass in the Grass (66705Kb)

tcf_3dgl   1492k   2003-12-15      3D Globes (computer art)

tcf_acro   1483k   2003-12-15      A 3D look across the water (computer art)

tcf_back   1579k   2003-12-15      Backyard sunset (computer art)

tcf_byth   1521k   2003-12-15      Lighthouse on the shore line

tcf_cage   1534k   2003-12-15      A 3D cage of fire (computer art)

tcf_city   1787k   2003-12-15      City of Dreams (computer art)

tcf_cool   2104k   2003-12-15      Cool Garfield (cartoon feline character)

tcf_divo   1670k   2003-12-15      Divorce - she gets the sports car - WAS-HIS

tcf_dolp   1622k   2003-12-15      Dolphin smiling

tcf_elep   1024k   2003-12-15      Elephant sings

tcf_esca   1485k   2003-12-15      3D escape as a space ship zooms through space (computer art)

tcf_eyeo   1696k   2003-12-15      Reptilian eye looks through hole in wall (art)

tcf_find   1868k   2003-12-15      Surf is up and ready - Finding a path

tcf_frog   2142k   2003-12-15      Frog in a pond (computer art)

tcf_fros   1493k   2003-12-15      Frosty Man - A little seasonal cheer (Christmas art)

tcf_hats   1379k   2003-12-15      Cowboy hats and boots

tcf_mod1   1142k   2003-12-15      Modern XP - modern computer look without XP

tcf_mod2   1184k   2003-12-15      Modern XP - modern computer look without XP

tcf_moon   1439k   2003-12-15      Moon casting (sci-fi art)

tcf_nort   1473k   2003-12-15      Northpoint - tropical scene (computer art)

tcf_ohmy   1210k   2003-12-15      Oh My - a child looking surprised

tcf_over   1498k   2003-12-15      Overcasting - purple and yellow colored sky

tcf_pyra   1507k   2003-12-15      Pyramids in background with man traveling on camel

tcf_ring   1272k   2003-12-15      Ring of light - ringed planet eclipsing sun (sci-fi art)

tcf_rota   1157k   2003-12-15      Rotating around - 3D rotation of a globe (computer art)

tcf_sexy   1461k   2003-12-15      Betty Boop (cartoon character)

tcf_simp   1004k   2004-04-25      The Simpsons - Bart and Homer in a Matrix parody
 Below Average
tcf_smil   1569k   2003-12-15      Smile and be happy - a crowd of smiley faces (art)

tcf_sona   1423k   2003-12-15      Sonata by firelight - painting of piano in old Victorian room

tcf_sunk   1892k   2003-12-15      Sunken treasure and ships wheel under water (computer art)

tcf_taxr   1619k   2003-12-15      Tax Return - False color collage of banknotes

tcf_temp   1377k   2003-12-15      Tempest - A 3D globe over water (computer art)

tcf_tree   1652k   2003-12-15      Tree haven - lake and beautiful trees with aurora (art)

tcf_wins   1378k   2003-12-15      Windows XP and Scoobie Doo combination

tcf_winv   1029k   2003-12-15      Windows XP and very buxom lady combination

tcf_winw   1225k   2003-12-15      Windows XP and wolven eyes watching combination

tcf_xpvi   2123k   2003-12-15      XP vision and alien combination

tcfagent   1389k   2003-12-15      A gentle touch of water (art)

tcfawoke    650k   2003-08-17      Awoken - Hallowen

tcfbeach   2166k   2003-12-15      Tropical looking beach - blue sky and water

tcfcabos   1559k   2003-12-15      Sunset on a beach (wallpaper missing?)

tcfcarib   1425k   2003-12-15      Caribbean breeze - Spanish arches and palms (art)

tcfcastl   1402k   2003-12-15      Bavarian castle in the mist

tcfcomin   1646k   2003-12-15      Coming together - humanity crossing a bridge (art)

tcfdalee   1703k   2003-12-15      Tribute to Dale Earnhardt (NASCAR driver)

tcfdarkm   3964k   2003-08-17      Dark Moon behind clouds

tcfdontg   8277k   2003-08-17      Don't go outside - Hallowen

tcfexplo   3197k   2003-12-15      A small child explores crystal waters of a beach

tcfeyeca   1309k   2003-12-15      Charcoal drawing of eye catching reflection of artist

tcffeelt   1443k   2003-12-15      For all Dale Jr fans (Earnhardt?)

tcffemal   1429k   2003-10-26      Female gargoyle

tcffollo   1441k   2003-08-17      Follow Me - Hallowen

tcfgrave   9061k   2003-08-17      The Graveyard - Hallowen

tcfhanau   1183k   2003-12-15      Hanauma Bay (wallpaper missing?)

tcfhope    1359k   2003-12-15      Hope - black and white hands together in peace

tcflifec   1552k   2003-12-15      Cat viewed through a fishbowl - funny picture

tcflight    974k   2003-08-17      Halloween Lights Out - lighted pumpkins

tcflost    1158k   2003-12-15      Lost in paradise - tropical beach - white sand, palms, blue water

tcfmanea   2033k   2003-12-15      Man Eater - Wild animal behind leaves (art)

tcfnight   2202k   2003-08-17      A Halloween Sleepnight (cartoon drawing)

tcfocean   2372k   2003-08-17      Ocean waves

tcfpetwi    962k   2003-10-26      Pet Willy (young man with rat)

tcfpinhd   3614k   2003-08-17      Hellraiser - Pinhead (movie)

tcfport    1070k   2003-12-15      Port of call - strange purple beach scene (art)

tcfpretb   6525k   2003-08-17      Pretty bird - red parrot

tcfsnook   1644k   2003-08-17      2 kittens on a snooker table

tcfwarmp   4170k   2003-08-17      Warm Paradise - painting of parrots (14170Kb)

thedoor2   8014k   2003-08-17      The Doors 2 (band)

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