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"Shar - The Penniless Prophet"

Preview     Size    Date    Description of Desktop Themes
30          835k   2004-08-08      New age wallpaper

alglasdt   6041k   2005-03-07      Original wild abstract, science fiction art

analulla   1241k   2005-03-18      An adorable bed time bear

aqrrium    5449k   2004-07-17      Bright and colorful tropical fish

arftiger   1003k   2004-08-04      Exotic African tiger

arnight    5763k   2005-03-28      Wild science fiction fantasy art

astfairy   3446k   2004-07-16      Celestial fairy art

astro2     5508k   2004-07-07      Wizard painting stars on sky - art by Gilbert Williams

aurorass   5197k   2005-04-20      Original mystical fantasy theme with screen saver

awkdrgn     723k   2004-07-13      Wild fractal in green and gold

batwater   4501k   2004-08-02      Fairy waterfall

beartrac   5657k   2005-04-26      Original Native American influenced bear mirage

beautwld    936k   2005-07-05      Original beautiful fairy art

blackfor   1258k   2005-04-29      Original Merlin in a dark forest

blkholes   4930k   2004-08-04      Abstract art by Digital Alchemy

btfbook     661k   2004-07-11      Fairy book - abstract background

btland      545k   2004-07-11      Fluttering butterfly

bubfliez    674k   2004-07-16      Butterflys floating in bubbles

butkal     5072k   2005-03-24      Original abstract butterfly art with screen saver

calldol    4347k   2005-10-27      Gorgious Dolphin art by David Miller

chie       1006k   2004-07-06      New age theme

chrction   4697k   2004-07-13      Wild neon green abstract art

deercros   4770k   2005-03-07      Beautiful original deer mirage theme with screen saver

digital     880k   2004-07-18      Wild dark toned abstract/3D art

doladven   1017k   2005-11-14      Adorable Mickey and Minnie Mouse design

drgfpond   2730k   2004-07-17      Dragonfly or fairy

drmctrs    3965k   2004-08-02      Horse and dream catcher

energize    954k   2004-08-01      Wildly colored abstract art

enstory    3414k   2004-08-02      Fairy storybook

evetime    2834k   2004-07-06      Old painting of folks lounging about

frcrose    1743k   2005-11-22      Original hot pink and green fractal art

frtales     645k   2004-07-09      Fairy story book

gasses     4957k   2005-07-11      Original blue and teal toned sci-fi art

gathrain   1161k   2005-05-31      Colorful bright neon original fractal

gia        6123k   2005-06-12      Original fairy and fractal design

guardnat   1140k   2005-03-07      Native American

haunt      5529k   2004-07-07      Knight and angel in cathederal - Art by Stephanie Pu Man Law

hrvfairy   3854k   2004-08-04      Froud artwork

inthpark   1098k   2005-05-03      Old fashioned painting of a mother-daughter picnic

ladyatum   3329k   2004-07-08      Old painting of a beautifully dressed woman

landench   4982k   2005-03-28      Original white pegasus fantasy

lchntamr   4720k   2004-07-08      Art by Edward Burne Jones

lghtkeep   1167k   2005-07-17      Original Eqyptian inspired design

lilypad    5720k   2005-05-23      Original frog and lily pad design

lucidity    998k   2004-07-17      Wild and colorful fractal abstract art

masquera   1108k   2005-05-03      Original, mystical 3D fractal art

mnshyndt   6565k   2005-12-17      Original fairy art

musbound   1774k   2005-06-21      Original cute Garfield design

nlvnder    4172k   2004-07-14      Lavender fairy

pheonix     683k   2004-07-31      Red and gold toned theme of warrior woman with phoenix wings

ptndwind   4511k   2004-07-09      Woman throws flowers to the wind - Art by Kagaya

puppylov    762k   2005-03-28      Adorable puppy for Valentines Day

refltion   1013k   2004-07-08      Art of an old woman looking at her reflection

rfnment     746k   2004-07-19      Classic art of old world still life objects

rule       5294k   2004-07-07      Dragon Art by Myles Pinkney

sapquen    5018k   2005-05-03      Beautiful art by J Daniels - original border

scarwiz    5665k   2005-07-05      Beautiful wizard art by Myles Pinckney

science    4948k   2005-12-17      Original wild and beautiful flame fractal art

shiva      5838k   2005-07-30      Indian design

shkatak    1296k   2004-07-06      A great white shark showing off his pearlies

shyne      5484k   2004-07-07      Fairy art by Gilbert Williams

snwlprd     889k   2004-07-18      Painting of a white bengal tiger cub

spacecor   5271k   2005-03-22      Original wild and colorful fractal art package

spguide    3815k   2004-07-16      Wolf and dream catcher

srcspell   4514k   2004-07-11      Woman with crystal ball - art by Steve Roberts

stargard   6787k   2005-04-26      Original 40s style Betty Boop - with screen saver

strfhrt    1185k   2005-04-19      Original, rose hued, beautiful cherub Valentines Day

thecanyn   1182k   2005-06-08      Original beautiful male angel art

themask     810k   2004-07-18      Sensual woman in black and white (art)

theone     1044k   2004-07-06      Art by Gilbert Williams

touching   6581k   2005-03-22      Multi-Illusional art by Josaphine Wall

transfrm   5446k   2005-07-11      Original beautiful fractal flame art

trbestrp   1374k   2005-07-01      Original African inspired art

twnstars   1811k   2004-08-01      Colored unicorns

unicbay     790k   2004-07-13      Crystal fantasy - unicorns over a crystal lake

voyageh    5464k   2004-08-01      Dolphin and space theme

warp       5253k   2004-07-06      Wild blue toned fractal

wchimes    3027k   2004-07-16      Sweet fanatsy - unicorn on moon - childrens art

workings   5218k   2005-07-30      Original colorful neon abstract

wtrgrace   5267k   2005-07-17      Original unicorn and waterfall design

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