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007 - James Bond

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Review Date: 04/11/2000

File Size: 460k

Author URL: Not Available

Identification confirmed... it's James Bond as 007. This package includes a single theme setting with an 800x600 JPG wallpaper image, 8-bit mono sound files, cutout type icons, and a few good animated cursors. It may not seem like much but the coherent theme settings mixed with the small file size make it a good package for 007 fans.

It's all hard coded to load from a direct drive/directory location. This could be a problem for different language versions of Windows or for those who have their default theme directory on a different drive or directory. The screen saver is also referenced directly to a 'ScrScan.exe', which is only good for those running that virus scanner program. Sound quality is average with a little background noise here and there.

Default theme code should reference theme parts from a '%ThemeDir%007\' path to make this theme load properly for everyone. Fix that code and tweak the sound files for better quality and this will be great.

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