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3D Homer Simpson

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Review Date: 08/24/1999

File Size: 554k

Author URL: Not Available

Guess what is what is what is... Doh! 3D Homer with his big yellow head all over your desktop. If this sounds peachy to you, snag away. Homer's available in three different display sizes and there's even an extra image to play around with if you like.

Hmmm... 3D Homer doesn't look so "3D" since the images are blurry and have JPG compression scars in a few areas. The author also states (and it's agreeable) that the MS Plus! JPG filter doesn't do a very good job of converting these images for the desktop. (See the author's readme.txt file for information about how to overcome this graphic problem.) Most of the cursors are the standard 3D type.

Clearer desktop settings are the key and a few minutes with a good graphic editor will do wonders for these images. The small download file size makes this package worth some attention though.

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