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Windows XP for 98 & ME

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Review Date: 06/11/2003

File Size: 1,517k

Author URL: Not Available

As the title states, this theme package is designed to give your Windows 98 or ME system the look of Windows XP. It comes in a professional setup program, which places most of the parts in the root of the themes directory. The screen saver, a screen saver data file and 800x600 bitmap wallpaper image files are placed in the Windows directory. The wallpaper is a screen shot of the author's Windows XP desktop, complete with the taskbar on the bottom of the image. (Keep in mind that it's part of the wallpaper so you won't actually be able to use the taskbar.) The icons are replicas from Windows XP, as are many of the sound associations and cursors. A mix of older PLUS! 98 Theme parts are also included to fill the void for remaining file associations.

XP users will want to avoid this download because you already have the look, and in much better quality. With that said, other Windows users may want to consider other options as well since the quality in this theme package is minimal to average in almost every file association. As previously mentioned, the wallpaper includes the taskbar as part of the image but it also shows several open tasks. (Not sure what's up with that.) And since it's only an 800x600 pixel bitmap, it doesn't stretch well for larger display sizes without causing the text in the taskbar to look very blurry. The screen saver uses the same image with simple floating text that says Windows XP. Unfortunately, it doesn't float smoothly. (This was tested on a 2 GHz + P4 system with 1GB of DDR memory!) Most importantly, all theme parts are self-extracted without coherent filenames, which gives "seek and destroy" a whole new meaning if you decide to remove this theme from your system. There is no uninstaller included.

Sorry, but this pretty much hits the bottom of the barrel for today's desktop theme standards. It's also the type of theme package that can be dangerous because attention to detail is not included in the setup program. It's like Forrest Gump said about that box of chocolates... "You never know what you're gonna get." If you download and install this theme, don't come crying to the Theme Doctor for help because you have been warned!

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