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Computer 3D

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Review Date: 05/19/2003

File Size: 3,623k

Author URL: Not Available

This is a multi-theme package with various computer generated wallpaper images, Windows XP type icons and borrowed cursors.

Unfortunately, it's packaged all wrong. Many theme parts are set for extraction to the root of the themes directory and some are even set for extraction directly to the Windows directory. On top of this, all the icons and cursors are borrowed from other themes and many of the icons are corrupted, which means they're missing parts of the original image pixels. (Ouch!)

The graphics look awesome but considering the scattered mess, stolen theme parts and faulty icons, this is definitely NOT a choice theme! (By the way, we're looking forward to user feedback on this one.) My guess is, the wallpaper images are borrowed or stolen parts as well.

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