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Alien vs. Predator

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Review Date: 05/18/1999

File Size: 1,239k

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Chocolate and peanut butter are great together but this combination may cause loss of appetite. This package contains both of these nightmarish creatures in 3 theme creations complete with different 800x600 JPG wallpaper images and color schemes to match. There are even 3 different sets of cursors and several different icons for a completely different look and fell on your desktop. The sounds are set to raise the hair on the back of you neck. Now aren't you glad creatures like this don't really exist.

This is cool but it's not exactly what you think. It doesn't contain the quality that you would normally expect in a game based desktop theme. The reason for this is simple. The game was not released at the time of this theme creation or this review. Only the wallpaper images qualify to be a part of the Alien vs. Predator game. The rest of the parts are all borrowed from other themes. It's easy to spot all the "Alien Commemoration" parts right away, which includes several of the sound files and cursors. Also, since these files are from different sources, the sound files are in various formats and quality levels. Several of the cursors are the standard 3D type and there are no installation instructions for novice users. The 'Software\Classes\' portion of the theme code must also be removed for Windows 95 theme fans.

Overall, it's a very well assembled package but the quality and originality is a bit on the weak side. Hopefully when the game is release, we'll find a update to this theme package.

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