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Bad Boys

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Review Date: 09/19/1997

File Size: 467k

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Bad Boys, Bad Boys. Whatchya gonna do? Your gonna download this theme and like it, that's what. Well, maybe if I had a gun to your face. This one has some dirty cursors... no really. The cursors look like they are dirty. You get two theme files with the difference being two wallpapers to choose from. There's an explosive recycle bin icon and a bunch of loud sound effects straight from the movie.

When I say loud, I mean LOUD!! Most of the sound files are on the brink of distortion. The wallpaper files look really cool but they are stretched, pitted, and just... out of focus. A couple more icons might be nice too.

Maybe if I had a very small monitor and speakers? No, look for another wallpaper file and tone down some.

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