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Bad Boys

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Review Date: 02/07/1998

File Size: 1,579k

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Bad Boys, Bad Boys, whatchya gonna do? You're gonna download a funny set of sound files from the movie and laugh. That's whatchya gonna do. This is actually two theme packages and believe it or not, the difference is the sound. There are plenty of lines from the move and fit the associations perfectly.

The cursors are all from the Microsoft Plus pack with the exception of one which also came from another theme. The recycle bin icons and the color scheme are the default Windows 95 settings. The wallpaper files are a little rough around the edges from JPG compression. There's also a line of profanity in the second theme that some may wish to be warned about before actually hearing it. "If you don't sit your lanky @$$ down, bottom line, I will knock you the F*** out."

It really could use some cursors, a color scheme, and a better wallpaper file but if you don't mind a little profanity and are looking for something to make you laugh, this should do the trick.

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