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Better Than Chocolate

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Review Date: 09/24/1999

File Size: 1,828k

Author URL: Available

What could possibly be better than chocolate? Well, how about a color scheme that's easy on the eyes, empty and full recycle bins you can tell apart and a "working in the background" cursor with an arrow on it so you can know where to click? It's definitely not an annoying theme since there are no sound associations for menu, popup, restore or open files and everything that is associated sounds great. Three different wallpaper sizes complete with theme files for each also makes it very easy to install. Now the only question is, which kind of chocolate do you want?

This is not a problem based on anything this theme author has done but Microsoft Plus! users will probably want to convert the JPG wallpaper images to BMP images before applying them. If not, you'll experience the result of poor JPG filtering from Microsoft. Other than that, the cursors could be a little more original.

Try it and you might like it. Personally, I like the ones with the cherries inside. :)

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