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Blue Velvet

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Review Date: 04/26/1998

File Size: 1,612k

Author URL: Not Available

Based on the movie Blue Velvet, this theme comes with 6 different JPG wallpaper files at 800x600, a full selection of (26 Microsoft ADPCM,11,025 Hz, 4 Bit, Mono) sound files, 4 good clear icons, and 2 original cursors. In fact, everything is original with the exception of the standard 3D cursors.

Although this theme is in mono, it does sound good but the files are just too long. It was great listening to the files because they really made me want to watch the movie again but it took nearly 5 minutes just to get through the sound previews. They are also full of profanity. None of the cursors are animated and that takes a lot away from a great theme package.

More original cursors and shorter sound files will bring the rating up. This one is for Blue Velvet fans only.

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