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BMW - Z3

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Review Date: 07/08/1999

File Size: 851k

Author URL: Not Available

Beam me up Scotty. Oops! Wrong beam. Well, how about a few BMW themes with different JPG wallpaper settings to choose from? Don't' let this one slip past you. It doesn't take much to make a Z3 look good but apparently this theme artist used a little artistic talent to push the limit. There are 4 themes to choose from with shared sounds, icons, and very cool BMW cursors.

Although my favorite 'Z3 On the Road' theme looks good stretched out on the desktop, all the JPG wallpaper images are too small. Converting them to bitmaps help but larger images should be included. Also, with the exception of the cool animated busy and wait cursors, most of the other cursors are the standard 3D type.

Larger wallpaper images and more of these creative cursors would put the icing on the cake.

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