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Caetano Veloso

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Rating: Doctor's Choice

Review Date: 09/28/1998

File Size: 1,745k

Author URL: Not Available

While this theme package may not be for everyone, it certainly fits into the category of professionalism in almost every aspect. All the files are in their own little directories to keep everything nice and neat. There are 3 complete themes with a "full" version and a "lite" version of each for a total of 6 theme files. The difference between the full and the lite versions are the number of sound associations. Some of you may or may not like to listen to the "menu popup", "menu command", "open programs" and "close program" sound files so the lite version has been added to easily subtract these sound associations. All three themes share the same high quality MPEG Layer-3 stereo sound files, icons, and cursors. However, the 800x600 wallpaper images are completely different. There are logo files that are easily installed with "install logos.bat" and "remove logos.bat" files. There are also a couple of screen savers and everything is encased in a self-extracting archive to really make this an easy to use and very complete theme package.

Too much orange!

Keep in mind that this theme review is based on a professional point of view and not a matter of taste, as all theme reviews should be. If you aren't a Caetano Veloso fan, you shouldn't be reading this review. If you are a Caetano Veloso fan, you have to have this theme!

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