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Con Air

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Review Date: 09/16/1998

File Size: 2,334k

Author URL: Not Available

Here's a theme based on Con Air starring Nicholas Cage. This one has been updated to include several new files including a screen saver from the official Con Air site, which is no longer available. New icons and cursors have also been added. There are even two theme settings to choose from with different color schemes and 800x600 JPG background images to match.

Unfortunately, these extra parts are not even as good as they were to start with. The wallpaper image has changed from a high quality bitmap to a highly compressed JPG that looks jagged around the edges. It doesn't even look good when viewed in a graphic editor. The icons are a little more relative to the theme package but they are also very rough images. The cursors have changed but have nothing to do with this theme package. They are slightly tweaked versions of the standard 3D type found in a million and one other desktop theme packages. The color scheme is too close to the Windows Default settings. Finally, several of the sound files end abruptly.

It was a great idea to add extra parts, especially the screen saver, but loss of quality has made this theme even worse. :(

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