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Dragon Ball Z

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Review Date: 05/23/2001

File Size: 7,824k

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Yeah! Dragon Ball Z city! Get ready for a bundle of goodies in this package, with 4 different theme settings based on the popular Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyan series. Each setting comes with an individual theme file to easily apply the theme of your choice in both 800x600 and 1024x768 display sizes. All 4 themes look outstanding on the desktop with enhanced layering and high color settings. There are even 4 different sets of icons to make each desktop setting look totally different. A well matched color scheme, Dragon Ball Z sounds, and a set of very original animated cursors with balls.... ahem... I mean animated ball cursors are all included. 

There are no web view images, system logos or screen saver settings included.

I must say, the animated cursors are not based on any other type of animation sequence I've ever seen. It's always nice to see something "totally original" in a theme package. All the graphics in this one stand out from the crowd. A few extra goodies would definitely make this award winning material. At least a good screen saver would be a nice addition. Come on Tim! We know you can do it. :)

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