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Dexter's Laboratory

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Review Date: 09/16/1998

File Size: 1,295k

Author URL: Not Available

This theme is based on a cartoon series called Dexter's Laboratory. According to the author, it's great for kids and also has a good joke for adults now and then. The theme package includes an 800x600 BMP wallpaper image, sounds that were ripped from the show and original cursors. Plus startup/shutdown screens.

Unfortunately there are no cursors included. There are about four assigned from the Microsoft Plus! 95 Leonardo da Vinci theme pack but many users may not even have that them installed on their system. The sound files a perfect but there aren't enough to go around. Many windows sound associations are just left unassigned. The wallpaper image wouldn't take much to fix but it's just a little rough around the edges and pixilated in a few areas.

It's a good start but still needs some work.

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