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Dirty Harry

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Review Date: 06/18/1999

File Size: 688k

Author URL: Not Available

Do you feel luck? Take a look down the barrel of Dirty Harry's 44 Magnum handgun and try answering that. This theme is a tribute to the police officers of San Francisco who gave their lives in the line of duty. Theme parts consist of a 640x480 JPG wallpaper image of Dirty Harry making his day as a San Francisco detective. There are some good desktop icons that should go well with just about any theme setting and startup/shutdown/wait logo screens are also included.

There are no installation instructions to explain that this theme must be extracted to a new directory called 'Dirty Harry' within the themes directory. If not, it will not load properly for Microsoft Plus! users. The desktop icons are redundantly included but the worst part about this package is sound quality. Can you say FEEDBACK ten times really fast? The sound files in this one are way beyond repair with inconsistent loudness, background hissing, clicks, pops, and even feedback from poor recording.

Download it... if you feel lucky.

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