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Diablo II

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Review Date: 01/08/2000

File Size: 928k

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Dedicated to the 2nd chapter in the world's greatest role-playing game, this package consists of a basic Diablo II theme setting for 800x600 display sizes. The usual Diablo type glove cursors are included along with a few tweaks to the standard type pointers. There are 13 sound files and various images captured from the game for desktop icons. The most creative part of this package, believe it or not, is the included set of system logo screens. 

Everything is extracted and coded to reside directly in the root of the themes directory, creating somewhat of a mess. The wallpaper is only available as an 800x600 JPG image, which doesn't stretch well for other display sizes. Desktop icons seem a little plain as they are just images from the game on a black background. The single web view image that's included looks to white and all washed out.

Note to the author: It's a good idea to adjust the code for all theme parts so that everything resides in a subdirectory within the main themes directory. This will keep everything neat and also prevent overwriting of theme parts from other themes that may have the same filename, like 'logo.sys' for example. Other than that, a few graphical adjustments for icons and larger desktop wallpaper settings would be nice. Diablo II fans will probably enjoy it a lot more anyway.

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