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Dungeon Keeper 2

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Review Date: 10/02/1999

File Size: 2,351k

Author URL: Not Available

Dungeon Keeper is back and as expected, a worthy desktop theme has been created. Interesting new desktop icons overlying two completely different and outstanding desktop wallpaper images make this a stunning site for any Dungeon Keeper fan. A few Dungeon Keeper animated cursors and 17 high quality sound files bring it all to life. Extra fonts are also included.

Icons are all referenced in the code to load from a '%WinDir%Installed System Icons' directory location. In this case, none of the icons load properly. The 'Software\Classes\' portion of the code must also be removed before the icons will load properly for Windows 95 users. The wallpaper images look outstanding but two 1280x1024 pixel bitmaps take up a considerable about of hard disk space. Most of the cursors are the standard 3D type.

Fix the theme code to load icons properly and this is the Dungeon Keeper 2 theme to get. Cursors that are more original would make it even better.

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