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Dark Reign

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Review Date: 05/22/1998

File Size: 1,401k

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Here's another setting based on the Dark Reign gaming environment. The cursors and the wallpaper stand out as Doctor's Choice material. You just can't find a better 3D rendered wallpaper image and the cursors are wild looking high tech. animated creations. All the sound files are top quality 8-bit mono sound files that really bring out the high and low tones. There is also a good set of startup and shutdown logo files to round out this theme package.

The sound files would be even better in stereo. The graphical quality is high but all of the animated cursors have an inconsistent hot spot which cause them to jump around repeatedly across the desktop. There are NO desktop icons included. This one also includes a bunch of legal documentation pertaining to the use of this desktop theme. However, there is nothing pertaining to the installation. If unzipped directly to the root directory, most of the files install correctly with the exception of the added font file and the text documents. You'll have to hunt down and delete the readme.txt and legal.txt since they are really worthless bits of disk space.

To save yourself some trouble, unzip this one to a temporary directory and then move the files to their appropriate locations. If the hotspots in the animated cursors are adjusted and this theme is installed correctly, isn't a very cool game setting and deserves a lot more than just 2 stars.

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