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Star Trek - Deep Space 9

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Review Date: 05/28/1998

File Size: 737k

Author URL: Available

Outstanding sound quality is the first impression from this updated theme package. Most of the sounds are "PCM,22,050 Hz, 8 Bit, Stereo" for near CD quality along with a few added special effects to give off an even better 3D surround sound effect. The graphics consist of an 1152x678 pixel JPG wallpaper image, a similar image for the 'My Computer' icon along with several ships and symbols to make up the remaining icons and cursors. You've got to love those animated cursors!

No logos files or screen saver in this one. The "Open program" sound association is loud and could use some filtering to reduce background hissing. The desktop wallpaper is referenced in the theme code as a bitmap (DS9_DESKTOP.BMP) but a JPG image is included (ds9_desk.jpg). The wallpaper simply will not load correctly.

Open the ds9.theme file with notepad and adjust the address for the wallpaper. It wouldn't take much to turn this one into Doctor's Choice material.

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