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Elric of Melnibone

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Review Date: 12/20/1997

File Size: 1,288k

Author URL: Not Available

This is an interesting theme. It's based on the works of Michael Moorcock and Michael Whelan. Who are these people, you say? Well, a very famous SCI-FI/Fantasy novelists and a great cover artist working together to create a huge number of characters. (There's more information in the author's readme file.) The theme comes complete with a good set of sound effect. They fit in well with the animated sword cursors and the overall atmosphere of the fantasy wallpaper setting.

There's a slight bit of hissing in some of the sound files. There are also a number files that aren't needed. The same sword cursor is added 4 times with only microscopic differences. There are two theme files that only change the color scheme.

Get rid of the redundant download material, then tweak the sounds a little more and you'll have an outstanding theme.

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