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Final Fantasy VII

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Rating: Doctor's Choice

Review Date: 10/03/1997

File Size: 3,062k

Author URL: Not Available

OUTSTANDING graphical quality! The desktop wallpaper is among the best and in very good taste compared with those of previous Final Fantasy themes. The sound quality is also outstanding with nothing but short stereo sound effects that push your Surround Sound System to the limit. All the cursors are the basic 3D type with the exception of the "Working in the background" and the "Busy" cursors which are so crystal clear that you just have to "see it to believe it". The desktop icons are also clear capture images from the game and there's even a screensaver to take the all this clearness away.

The wallpaper file is a bitmap sized at 800x585. This may be a little big for some in terms of file size. There are no installation instructions or even a readme.txt file included.

Although I'd like to see these cons fixed, I still have to give this one a Doctor's Choice Award. I was smiling before I even finished previewing it.

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