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Fight Club

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Review Date: 01/02/2000

File Size: 1,936k

Author URL: Available

The first rule in Fight Club is... don't talk about Fight Club. Well, guess that makes this review easy. An 800x600 bitmap collage of photos cover the desktop with similar photo type icons and cursors. The sound files consist mostly of one-liners from the movie and there's a screen saver to show a few more movie shots. A couple of extra fonts and system logo screens are also included.

Sound quality is only 'PCM,22,050 Hz, 8 Bit, Mono' and some of the sound files are cut abruptly. There's also a minor problem with the code, which is referencing the screen saver from '%WinDir%System\Tyler_sv.exe' but should be referencing it from '%WinDir%Fight Club.scr' instead. If not, the screen saver will not apply correctly when activating the theme. You'll have to assign it manually through 'Display Properties'.

A few more tweaks and it's a knock out.

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