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GI Joe

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Review Date: 07/09/1998

File Size: 256k

Author URL: Not Available

Here's another theme that's been around for a while but there just aren't anymore like it on the net. (At least I haven't found any.) There are two *.theme files in this one to easily activate two different wallpaper and color schemes. The short sound files are shared between the two which explains the very small zip file size. There are also some decent animated cursors of exploding grenades and rockets.

One of the JPG images is only 640x467 and the other is 586x480. Neither one stretches to fit the screen properly and both look terrible on an 800x600 display. There aren't enough sound files to accompany the standard sound associations and most of the assigned cursors are the standard type. There are extra animated cursors but they aren't assigned. Why?

Better graphics would do wonders for this one. The small file size makes it worth the download just to check it out for yourself but the truth is... GI Joe needs a wakeup call.

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