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Guns N' Roses

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For Windows & Mac

Rating: Doctor's Choice

Review Date: 08/15/1998

File Size: 6,166k

Author URL: Not Available

"Loaded like a freight train, Flyin' like an airplane, Feelin' like a space brain, One more time tonight." This totally cool Rock N' Roll theme will take you down to the Paradise city... in more ways than one. It's chock full of the best high color images, stereo sounds, and all the other accessories that go with a great theme package. It even comes with a really cool 3D-screensaver and startup/shutdown logos.

Sorry, this one's currently only for left-handed users. The overall file size is slightly large, due to lack of sound compression. The installation instructions may also be a bit advanced for novice users.

ADPCM or MPEG Layer-3 sound compression would bring the file size down to a moderate level. If you don't mind the longer download, it's definitely worth the wait though. All you need is "a little patience".

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