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Gone In 60 Seconds

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Review Date: 09/23/2000

File Size: 673k

Author URL: Not Available

Based on the high-speed movie staring Nicolas Cage, here's a theme package that might fly right buy you if you're not fast enough. There's one theme setting for 800x600 display sizes containing a very good quality JPG wallpaper image, a well matched color scheme, engine sounds, cut out type desktop icons, an all new set of cursors and an above average set of system logo screens. The Verdana true type font is also include.

Sound files are cut abruptly and there aren't enough to go with most of the standard sound associations. The 'Recycle Bin' and 'My Documents' icons could be better. They appear blurry in washed out tones of gray. The 'gonelogo.gif' web view image is somewhat disappointing since it's just a solid white image. There is no documentation included for installation instructions, which could be a problem since this particular theme is designed to reside in the root of the themes directory.

Most of today's themes are designed to reside in a subdirectory within the themes directory. It makes everything more organized and easier to maintain. At any rate, better sound and a few graphic tweaks would bring this one up to speed.

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