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Review Date: 10/08/2000

File Size: 1,378k

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Boo! Scare ya? Hehe... couldn't resist. Halloween is fun and here's a fun little Halloween theme for your desktop. The list of creepy parts starts with 12 static cursors, 2 animated cursors, 5 cutout type desktop icons, an 800x600 bitmap wallpaper image, and 21 creepy sound files. As if that weren't enough to bring out the spirit of Halloween, there's a great looking set of web view images, a 'Creepy.ttf' true type font file, a set of system logo screens in an easy-to-use installer and screen saver with the same easy-to-use features.

The wallpaper looks great but since it's a 256 color image, it doesn't stretch to fit larger display sizes without some loss of clarity. Sound files are fitting but some contain hissing or background noise. A few may get to you after a while too if you minimize and maximize your windows a lot.

Button up your sleeve and cast a Halloween spell on your desktop.

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