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Review Date: 03/14/1998

File Size: 1,510k

Author URL: Not Available

Pinhead and Hellraiser movie fans would go to hell and back for some of the stuff in this theme package. The wild looking Pinhead wallpaper file is set for a 1024x768 display size and looks good at lower settings as well. There's an outstanding (super high quality) screen saver of the "BOX" spinning across your desktop. The "Busy" cursor is also the "BOX" in similar quality.

Well, the minimize sound file should just about cover it. "This isn't for your eyes." Red surrounding a white text background is pure hell on your eyes. The black font color on the red 3D objects is another extreme. You simply can't see it after looking at the bright white text background for over 5 seconds. Most of the sound files end abruptly. The working in the background cursor doesn't show up well with black on black and most of the other cursors are all the standard 3D type.

This one will hurt you. I wonder if that was the author's intent with the whole HELLRAISER experience?

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