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Star Trek - Holodeck 3

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Review Date: 11/14/1999

File Size: 3,703k

Author URL: Available

Wow! For those that want to go all the way, this theme will literally turn your system into a Star Trek Holodeck 3 computer. Well, not exactly but as close as desktop themes and a little tweaking will allow. The sound files speak for themselves in that famous female computing voice most Star Trek fans already know. Several JPG backgrounds present an official Star Trek Holodeck 3 look along with 4 sets of cutout type desktop icons and fully animated cursors to complete the look. Best of all, there are 4 different 3D screen savers to go with 4 different themes. Wait! Here's something new! You can even change the IE animated logo in the upper right corner of your browser to a cool looking 3D Star Trek logo. Several new fonts and system logo screens are also included.

'Software\Classes\' needs to be removed from the theme code for Windows 95 users and unfortunately, the screen savers aren't set in the theme code to load with all 4 desktop settings. The different wallpaper settings also look too much alike, which only adds to the file size without much benefit. Some of the sound files are long and very similar to those found in other Star Trek themes.

A few minor tweaks would make this perfect. At any rate, be sure to set control coordinates and beam this one up. It looks and sounds good enough to be a Star Trek computer.

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