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Eddie Irvine - Ferrari F1

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Review Date: 05/22/1999

File Size: 1,439k

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This is not a Ferrari theme; so don't go downloading it thinking you're getting a hot looking car for your desktop. It's primarily based on Ferrari F1 driver Eddie Irvine and contains an 800x600 JPG wallpaper image of Eddie Irvine taking it easy. Most of the sound files are different little sports caster clips talking about or interviewing Irvine. Ferrari and Shell type icons and cursors are also included. Believe it or not, the startup/shutdown logos screens stand out more than anything in this package.

A few of the desktop icons appear a bit generic in only 4-bit, 16 color and all the cursors are borrowed from another theme package. The sound files could be better, since some are recorded at different sound levels and a couple contain background hissing. Color schemes don't usually come out in a review unless there is a problem but in this case, most will probably agree that the teal desktop color doesn't appear very coherent around the icon text with this particular wallpaper image.

It loads easily and everything works but this one lacks originality and overall quality in a few areas. If it's an Eddie Irvine theme your after, here it is. However, if it's a Ferrari F1 theme you're thinking about downloading, keep looking.

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