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WWF - Chris Jericho (Y2J)

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Review Date: 10/04/2000

File Size: 11,195k

Author URL: Not Available

WWF fans! Wrestler Chris Jericho is here in an 800x600 JGP wallpaper setting with rappin' sound files to fire up your desktop. Y2J desktop icons, a few new cursors and system logo screens are included but the main part of this package is the 6,174k Jerichoss.exe screen saver file.

The sound files are mono instead of stereo and most are cut abruptly. Several sounds are also recorded too loud causing distortion. Most of the cursors are the standard type and the wallpaper is only for 800x600 display sizes. For those that want it all, there is no 'My Documents' icon or a screen saver and there are no web view images. More importantly, the author has zipped a self-extractor in a deep file structure. You'll have to browse down through 'Program Files\Plus!\Themes\Jericho' and then double-click on the self-extractor to install this one to you system. The self-extractor also contains the same file structure so all you really have to do is extract to the root of the drive. In most cases that's c:\ but if you're worried about possible file overwrites or misplaced files, you'll want to extract to a temporary directory and manually move the files. Confused yet? Well, as mentioned, the file structure is a mess. Finally, if you install the screen saver and decide to remove it later through 'Add/Remove Programs' you'll still have to find some a few leftover files. I found a 4,934k 'smfcurrf.MP3' files in the 'Windows\System' directory. Guess that explains the remaining file size with this huge download.

Bottom line, fix the file structure, use better file compression and consider offering the screen saver as a separate download. This file size is way too big for most desktop theme fans.

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