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The Joy Electric

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Rating: Doctor's Choice

Review Date: 07/14/1998

File Size: 2,353k

Author URL: Available

Doododoodo, ploopploopploop, twanging, whaaaaahwawawa, waheeeeee... If you are into techno-like pop music, this theme is definitely for you. It is based on the synthesizer band Joy Electric, being a very dedicated tribute to the band and its music. The sound events are probably the best part of it. They are nicely edited and work very well in this theme environment. Two completely different theme files, with suitable color schemes and assorted icons, cursors and sound files are all included in this package. The backgrounds in both themes are very sharp and beautiful 800X600 jpg images. Several extra icons and sound files, a screensaver and a set of logo screens are also provided for optional customization.

The theme comes with a text file with information on the band's discography. There is no information included in the readme file regarding the installation of the theme itself. The font file that comes with the theme (Graphite Light) is set to be installed automatically into the Fonts directory. This might be a problem if the user already has the font in question. Windows does not allow the replacement of font files.

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