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Keith Haring

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Review Date: 09/25/1997

File Size: 1,094k

Author URL: Available

This one's different. Art is definitely the first word that comes to mind. Because it is different, it deserves a lot of respect. Redundancy is a major factor with desktop themes and this one doesn't fall into that category at all. Everything is original from the sounds all the way down to the desktop wallpaper. The cursors are all very well designed and definitely not your average 3D type.

The "Keith Haring (high color).theme" file addresses a "ringin.wav" file and a "ringout.wave" file which do not exist within the theme package. This theme file is also addressing all the parts of the theme within the themes directory (=%themeDir%) and the installation instructions say to place all the files within a Keith Haring folder in the themes directory which you create. If you do this, you will have to correct the "Keith Haring (high color).theme" file. The wallpaper file is also undersized and stretches too much.

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