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King Kong

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Review Date: 07/19/1998

File Size: 362k

Author URL: Not Available

Here's a good theme that successfully reproduces the atmosphere of the original black & white movie. The wallpaper is an 800x600 JPG image displaying the gigantic face of King Kong smiling at you (this is of course a personal deduction). The color scheme also fits the background very well as a highly positive point in any desktop theme. Most of the sound files are used appropriately. The package even comes with a nice set of logo screens.

Some of the sound files are cut abruptly. This could be fixed very easily with a good sound editor. The Network Neighborhood icon is unrelated. If the theme is installed directly into your c:\ directory, you might have your logo screens automatically replaced. No warning is given. The theme lacks a text file containing installation instructions for novice users and information on the precedence of the material included in the package. Some of the parts seem to be borrowed from other themes.

It wouldn't take much to turn this into a Doctor's Choice theme package.

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