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Linkin Park

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Review Date: 07/10/2002

File Size: 1,663k

Author URL: Not Available

Here are 3 different theme settings based on Linkin Park for 800x600 and 1024x768 display sizes. There are also 2 different sets of icons and cursors to pick and match. And to sum it all up, there are 2... count 'em... two sound files to rock your little socks off! Ahem...

The main theme (*.theme) file code needs some major adjustments in all three settings! They're all hard coded for use from the 'My Documents' folder in one theme and from the 'Desktop' in the other two. 'Software\Classes\' should also be removed from the code for icon references or there may be problems for older PLUS!95 users. All the cursors are different color versions of the standard type and there are only 2 sound files, which leaves us short on sound, especially in a music based theme.

Knock! Knock! Knock! Anybody ever heard of a theme that works? Hello!

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