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Medical Windows

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Review Date: 01/06/2000

File Size: 1,797k

Author URL: Available

It's time for open-heart surgery. If you're in the medical field or you'd just like an x-ray look on your desktop, this is the theme to get. The package comes complete with close up sounds of the human heartbeat. There's an 800x600 x-ray type bitmap wallpaper image of the human skull along with slightly tweaked cursors and internal organ desktop icons. System logo screens are also included.

The author did a good job fixing things up but there's still one little flaw in the 'My Computer' icon. For some reason, the background is in reverse transparency instead of regular transparency. This makes it look like a white box around the image instead of a clear one like all the other icons.

On minor flaw isn't enough to bring it down but even more originality with the cursors would make it perfect. Love that heartbeat!

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