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MS World Domination

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Review Date: 08/21/1999

File Size: 4,023k

Author URL: Not Available

Ha! Ha! Now here's a funny one. If you think Microsoft is taking over the world, this may be all it takes to convince you. The wallpaper of Bill in command of World Domination will certainly force a second look. The sound files are a blend between Star Wars and Austin Powers placed in all the right places. A few 3D cursors and icons are also included.

Unfortunately, poor quality stands out over the funny aspects of this theme environment. The wallpaper looks like it was scanned poorly and then JPG compressed a few times before being converted to the enclosed 800x600 bitmap image. Everything else just seems to hold a lack of creativity. The installation instructions also state to extract all theme parts to any folder name you like. Okay, right!

Extract the zip to a new 'MS World Domination' directory if you expect it to load properly. Then just hope it doesn't give Billy any bright ideas. The man already has enough money to buy his own country... or in this case death star.

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