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Rating: Doctor's Choice

Review Date: 04/29/1998

File Size: 1,665k

Author URL: Available

Thinking about creating a Neverhood theme package? Give it up, forget it! Tim Gates has already put a wrap on this one. Let's just say this theme will get you in the mood. It had me singing, whistling, and snapping my fingers before I even made it though the theme preview window. It's based on a fun little clay character which you will see more than enough of when you apply this theme to your desktop. There are cute little animated cursors, one of which is the main character strolling across your desktop along with several other colors to choose from. That's right several! There are 4 complete theme packages here with totally different wallpaper files, color schemes, sounds, icons, and most impressive... cursors. Along with a great set of startup and shutdown logo files, a screen saver, and too many extras to mention, this theme is the ultimate Neverhood theme package.

Ah..., there's a contents.txt file with reference to another theme included in this theme package. Oops! You might be better off moving the screen saver to the windows directory too.

Get rid of the "Oops!" and you're the man.

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