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ONYX - High Tech

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Review Date: 04/09/2001

File Size: 732k

Author URL: Not Available

Call it what you want but this is a great looking set of multi-desktop theme settings. There's one theme file with 7 optional wallpaper images for 800x600 display sizes. Very cool looking Omega and Triad cursor schemes are included along with INF files to easily add them to your system settings. A set of 6 equally cool looking 3D icons blends with remaining theme parts perfectly. Short and simple sound files give it the final high tech touch.

Software\Classes\' needs to be removed from the theme file code for compatibility with standard Microsoft Plus! Themes. A 'MCAFEE~1\SCRSCAN.EXE' is referenced in the code but obviously not included. No web view images or system logo screens are included. There are 8 different wallpaper images but unfortunately there is only one theme file to apply settings. One of the images is also included twice in JPG and BMP format. Extra icons are included but not referenced. The 'My Documents' icon isn't even associated.

It would be better if it had extra theme files to apply the additional wallpaper images. It would be outstanding if icons were all referenced properly and web view images, a screen saver and system logo screens were added to the package. Even as it is, it's a great theme for those that know how to work with theme setting manually, especially considering the small file size.

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