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NIN - Pretty Hate Machine

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Review Date: 06/15/1998

File Size: 946k

Author URL: Not Available

This theme is based on the NIN album "Pretty Hate Machine". The animated cursors were the first aspect to grab my attention since they are simply some of the best I've ever seen and specifically created for this NIN theme package. The icons are of NIN album covers and the wallpaper is a tiled album cover. All the sounds are from the album. There are also a few extra font files and a screen saver included.

The sound files are almost all 'PCM,11,025 Hz, 8 Bit, Mono'. The color scheme is something that usually doesn't effect the rating in a theme review. However, this particular color scheme is a very high contrast setting that's just too dark to work with in most computing environments. Once again, the 3D Text screen saver is not necessary for most Windows 95 users since it's already included with the OS.

If you are really persistent about including a dark color scheme, at least add an optional color scheme in an additional .theme file. Stereo sound in a compressed format wouldn't hurt this theme package either.

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