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PlayStation 2

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Review Date: 07/12/2002

File Size: 206k

Author URL: Not Available

Turn your PC into a PlayStation 2! Uh, not quite but here's something to make your system look a little like the popular PS2 gamming console. Theme parts include your choice of 800x600 or 1024x768 JPG wallpaper images, 4 desktop icons, a couple of new PS2 cursors, standard cursors, a single PCM sound file, and a set of web view images.

It works but the directory structure is not very good. Theme parts are not referenced from a main subdirectory within the themes directory. Instead, they are all referenced from various directories like %ThemeDir%Icons\, %ThemeDir%Cursors\, %ThemeDir%Wallpapers\, and %ThemeDir%Sounds\. That could cause compatibility issues if other artists start doing this as well. It also creates a small mess in the themes directory. Once installed, there is only one sound file so don't expect all those fancy PS2 sound effects coming out of your PC. There are no system logo screens or screen saver settings and most of the cursors are the standard 3D type.

The best way to fix this one would be to place all those smaller directories within one common directory, like maybe one called %ThemeDir%PlayStation2\ for example. By the way, coming up with that example name was the hardest part of this review. NOT!

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