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Pulp Fiction

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Review Date: 04/26/1998

File Size: 1936k

Author URL: Not Available

"Everybody be cool! This is a robbery!" Ok, I'm cool. This theme is a Desktop Designer theme package and requires no theme programs of any kind. A lite version of Desktop Designer will be installed during setup for use with this or any other future Desktop Designer creations. Included are nicely cut sound files, a couple of colorful animated cursors for 'wait' and 'busy', 4 JPG wallpaper images, and a cube screen saver.

All the wallpaper files are low quality scans in JPG format, one of which is not a standard size at 458x450 pixels. It looks even worse when stretched out to fit the screen. Some users may not like the red color scheme either. The vocabulary in some of the sound files makes it strong in content and parental guidance is suggested. Some of the sounds could also use some filtering and fading on the ends. The menu popup and command sounds will probably get on your nerves real quick.

At least toss or change the menu sound files and replace the wallpaper images. Then die hard Pulp Fiction fans will be all over this one.

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