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Sky Cries Mary

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Review Date: 07/08/1999

File Size: 1,358k

Author URL: Available

Here's another theme setting based on a Seattle band. The first thing that grabs you is the author's ability to capture the mood and atmosphere of the band in nicely cut sound files and a collage of images on an 800x600 canvas background. The icons and animated cursors are something entirely new and very unique to say the least. Startup/wait/shutdown logo screens are also included.

Unfortunately, the sound files are nicely cut but... most of them are in mono. That's not so good for a music based theme on a system with surround sound speakers. Color doesn't seem to be much of an attribute to this theme either. Although very well created, all the icons and cursors are in 16-color format. A few of the images in the wallpaper collage could also use a smudge here and there to take out the scan-in scars.

Time for an update? Come on! This is the age of technology. How about some pumpin' stereo with thumpin' bass and some true color to liven things up a bit? It wouldn't take much to turn this into a classy addition to any desktop.

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